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Drug Watch

Drug Watch provides educational guides on women's pregnancy. They provide information on breastfeeding, medication and gestational risk, recalls, side effects and interactions for expecting mothers.

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Core Blood Center

We are a new organization dedicated to promoting the benefits of cord blood banking. Umbilical cord blood has helped children survive over 80 diseases including leukemia, lymphoma, and anemia and is now being used in older patients. Our mission is to help others understand how they can benefit and help save the lives of sick children in need. 

Our team at provides the latest up-to-date information and free resources for expecting parents. There have been over 35,000 cord blood transplants thanks to donors worldwide. With more awareness we can increase this number and further save the lives of children battling cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Consumer Danger

This is a comprehensive free resource for the public to learn more about defective children's devices such as baby strollers, high chairs, and drop side cribs that can potentially cause harm and even death.

Child Care

Doulas Association of Southern California

What is a Doula? Doula is an ancient Greek word most commonly translated as female maidservant. A doula in today's world is a trained and experienced woman who accompanies a new mother through birth and/or the postpartum period, offering emotional support, physical comfort, practical assistance and non-medical care. Many doulas will work the night shift for new parents, so they can get a good night's sleep, which is so essential to parents of multiples.

Members Teenage Babysitting

Several of our members have teenagers who babysit. Members can visit our Newsletter and Facebook Group Page for details.

Discounts for Multiples and Babies

Following is a list compiled by ours and other clubs. If you find any information that is obsolete or nonresponsive, please let us know. Discounts and Free Stuf

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