Simi Valley Mothers of Twins & Triplets

Letter from our "Madam" President

Can it really be true? September already! I hope all the school age kids are getting back into a rhythm and enjoying the new school year.

I for one can't wait to send my boys off to school. It's not cause I need the break but I can't wait for the friendships and the learning that will blossom with being in a school environment. I know I enjoyed school, I may come from the small few who actually did. And to be honest, I miss it sometimes.

September in our club marks are goodbye Summer party. This is a time for the families to hang out and enjoy the last of the late lights that summer brings. This year we will be meeting at Santa Susana Park (the Train Park) Saturday September 23rd from 3pm-5pm.

This is a wonderful park that is mostly shaded and has great open spaces and as well as bathrooms and great views of the trains that pass by.

The club will be supplying the main food for everyone. If you would like to attend let us know on Facebook or by email so we can get a headcount on food. If you would like to bring snacks or beverages that's is also appreciated.

As I mentioned on my Facebook post earlier this month our club board members met to discuss the club. We have a strong sense that the club needs more play dates during the week and maybe also flexibility on days of the week in which we meet. Our group will only continue to grow with your support and we can't gain support without feedback.

Would love to hear from all of your about the improvements that you would like to see.

Wishing you all a blessed week and month of September!

Rebecca Takayama